Romania rises! 

December 21, 1989. It is the turn of Lugoj, Arad, Cluj, Brasov, Bucharest to rise and claim their freedom! And, sadly, it is the turn of other brave Romanians to pay their tribute of blood and desperation for the cause of Liberty! In Cluj, around 3,30 pm, a group of friends faces the army soldiers, all in this group are young and brave: Lucian Matis, Calin Nemes, Gavrila Ladiu, Mircea Miclea, and one of them, Calin Nemes, steps ahead, opens his jacket and tells the soldiers: “Fire! I only have one heart!” And they do. The army officers fire in people who have done nothing but ask for Freedom! Calin Nemes, his friend Lucian Matis and a few others fall under the killer bullets of the army soldiers who were supposed to defend their people, not shoot them! A few photographs, taken by an unknown person, shows the scene of the massacre: the bodies laying on the ground, and the victorious soldiers standing beside them, alive and well.


In the hours that will come, the people of Bucharest will learn to fight in their turn, just like their fellow Romanians have done in Timisoara, Cluj and the other cities, and they will pay a terrible price for their courage! The story of the big popular meeting that Ceausescu organized to speak about the hooligans in Timisoara, the meeting in which the spark of the rebellion was lit, the story of the Barricade, built by courageous people from Bucharest in front of the repression forces, among which Romeo Raicu, Radu Silaghi, Dumitru Dinca, Dan Iosif, the story of the young people killed in front of the Dalles Hall and the Intercontinental Hotel, for having dared to knee and pray for Timisoara and chant the name of Freedom, like Mihai Gatlan, Ruxandra Mihaela Marcu, Vinerian Radoi, Adrian Don, Mioara Luiza Mirea… lives lost because people refused to live under dictatorship anymore… all those stories of bravery and glory, of tears and grief, all are known…