Liberation Day

December 20, 1989: the day in which Timişoara became a free city! In the morning, the workers of Timişoara left their workplaces and, together with other tens of thousands of people, started to march through the city, till they reached its center. At noon, over one hundred thousand people stood in the Opera Plaza of Timişoara, facing the line of armed soldiers that were surrounding the Opera. At around 1,30 pm, the balance was broken by a man, who stepped ahead, opened his jacket and asked the army officer to shoot or to step back: Your weapons are paid by us, he told the officer. The bullets in your weapons are paid by us, and so are the army clothes you are wearing. Those people want Freedom, still you have shot them dead in the past days! Shoot us too, now, or step back and let us pass! Claudiu Iordache said, taking steps ahead, followed by the people around him. And in that moment of tension, the soldiers hesitated, and then broke their line and started to retreat, and the people advanced towards the Opera. In the beginning, around twenty of them managed to enter the Opera, and reached for the Balcony, where an amplifying station had been installed for communist prime- minister Dascalescu, who had wanted to address the people in the attempt to explain again about the houligans. There, in that Balcony, the people who had entered the Opera addressed the hundred thousand people in the plaza, saying their names and professions, and asking for the freedom all of them wanted! Lorin Fortuna, Ioan Chiş, Claudiu Iordache, Nicolae Badilescu and the others took turns in speaking to the people. There, in that balcony, a Committee was formed: the first free antitotalitarian party named The Romanian Democratic Front. The RDF wrote the first document of the Romanian Revolution, the A cazut tirania Proclamation, in which all the demands of the people of Timişoara were written: the fall of Ceauşescu, the returning to their families of the dead, the freeing of the arrested, the declaring of Timişoara as the first city free of communism, free elections. The enterprises and institutions of Timişoara were invited to send their representatives to the Balcony, so that they could become part of the Romanian Democratic Front.

The first speeches from the Opera Balcony, Timisoara, December 20, 1989

The Revolution in Timisoara in audio-video recordings – a series made by Marius Mioc and presented by Altermedia

In the same time, at the communist council county’s building, a similar event was taking place: tens of thousands of people who had marched towards the communist party’s center in Timisoara stormed the place and found their way to the Balcony, just like it was happening in the Opera Plaza. (to be continued)