Companies in Romania are paying taxes 113 times per year, and our country is in position 181 on this chapter – last place in the world and last place in the European Union.

Romania ranks 47 in the world among the states which offer conditions for business development, behind countries like Botswana or Azerbaidjan, according to a Pricewaterhouse Cooper study. The data analyzed by the consultancy company is based on the report “Doing Business 2009”, elaborated by The World Bank.

The most important weakness is linked to the regulations referring to taxes and income paying.  For the 113 taxes that the Romanian companies have to pay it takes 202 hours, which means eight and a half days of continuously standing in line!

Romania is making remarcable regresses in what concerns the financial thicket, considering the fact that in 2007 a company had to pay only 96 taxes. Also, taxes swallow more money of the companies’ profits, compared to last year: 48% in 2008 compared to 46,9% in 2007. In the same time, Romania is situated among the last places in the European Union on more chapters, respectively infrastructure of all types, and development-research, both Bulgaria and the Baltic States being ahead of Romania.

The Romanian businessmen have been complaining for a long time about the number of taxes they have to pay. A few months ago, a report of the National Council of the Small and Middle Companies revealed that in Romania there are 650 parafiscal taxes, of which, through 200 of them, 3 billion euro are payed for nothing.